Ten Easy ways to beat admission anxiety

eduabroad   January 5, 2018

Ten Easy ways to beat admission anxiety
By Dr.Pratibha Jain
Education Counselor
It is a time of stress and anxiety as students grapple with reality of mark sheets and
college lists that do not include their names. The advice to all parents and students,
especially those joining Undergraduate degree programs, is that it is not the end of the
world if your child does not get into the most coveted institution of your city. There are
plenty of colleges in the city delivering the same program, offering the same university
degree as most colleges in a city are affiliated to the same university. The statistics
report that there are enough seats in the entire university system to accommodate 90% of
the high school graduates in diverse disciplines. So, do not panic . Be wise and do not
chase a particular college due to peer pressure, prestige or social status These are very
fragile and momentary symbols that are not worth the tears, the tension, or the stress of
the admission process. It is important to realize that the first degree is not the end of the
road, but the first step into the real world of competition . Many opportunities, new
pathways to success are ahead . Heartwarming stories from numerous professionals
and entrepreneurs is that their success has often no link to their specific undergraduate
institution but rather to their overall performance and ability to make the most of every
opportunity . The truth is that an institution per se has almost no influence on things
like future happiness, job satisfaction or even income and first salaries.
1) Accepting reality is the first step to mental peace . Get real and accept that the
marks are not going to change , nor is the competition going to reduce suddenly.
The difference between first and last lists is barely two to three percent
(sometimes less). Do not live in a dream world or wait for a miracle to happen as
it just prolongs the anxiety and you may miss the achievable.
2) Look at other realistic course and college options which match the academic
3) Accept admission wherever you are a match as just holding a confirmed seat
reduces stress and gives you a psychological relief. Most colleges will refund
your deposit and return your original documents within four working days of
request for withdrawal, in case you get a better admit .
4) Once you accept an admission, review it realistically in terms of the pros and cons
of taking that course. An objective review of the choice in hand will help you
realize that there is no difference in the academic program or course content from
your first choice college .
5) Most important reality is that your desire for the extra –curricular features or the
‘crowd’ that is the differentiating factor of your coveted colleges can be achieved
in several other ways .
6) You may be surprised to discover that your college too offers a range of activities
and may give you more opportunities to prove your talent and leadership than a
competitive scenario. In many ways , there is learning and confidence building in
being among the achievers , taking the lead as a mover and shaker of any college

7) Look around you and explore options to join clubs, societies, non-academic
activities and vocational or hobby classes. Remember that the crowd you are
chasing does not limit itself to the college alone. There are plenty of activities in
a city that draw students from diverse colleges together, where you may mingle
and make friends with diverse groups.

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