Resume Building


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  • Business Opportunity
  • Introduction to New Venture Creation Process
  • Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity Identification & Evaluation Business Model Development
  • Customer Discovery Process
  • Product Market Fit
  • Strategy and Viability
  • Market Attractiveness
  • Industry & Market Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape & Strategic Advantage

Entry requirements vary widely between universities and between countries, so be sure to check the information provided by your prospective university before submitting anything.

Speaking generally, however, if you are applying for an undergraduate degree you will be asked to show that you have completed your secondary education to a standard that is in line with the required grades (e.g. your GPA, A-level grades or equivalent) for the program you’re applying to. If you have an international qualification and are unsure whether this is accepted, you should contact the admissions department of the university.

For non-native English speakers wanting to study in English-speaking countries, it is also highly likely that you’ll need to provide proof of your English-language proficiency by taking an English-language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. Similar tests may be required for those studying in other languages. For more information about language tests, refer to question 8.

It is entirely up to you! Program duration is an important factor to consider when thinking about studying abroad. It can be more cost-effective to go for a longer period of time, but you need to consider course options and your degree program as well to determine the most appropriate option for you.

Housing options vary widely from program to program. Housing can range from living in a residence hall or dormitory to living with a homestay family to living in an apartment. Different options have different benefits as well as advantages and disadvantages. It is largely dependent on you to determine which arrangement you are most comfortable with.

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