Study Abroad Process


Aptitude tests are designed to assess innate talent or ability of a person, so that education can enhance this ability, resulting in excellence of performance during application in the real world. When a person studies subjects that match his natural area of interest, it is easier for him to build his strengths in that discipline, leading to greater job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment and joy in future work. However, a note of caution is that Aptitude tests must be used as broad guidelines and not as a binding route. Test results must be combined with several practical and environmental factors as well.

Expert analysis of aptitude results combined with informed career counseling leads to optimal utilization of education opportunities so that a student can enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses to grow towards his career destination.

Aptitude tests provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses on several parameters of skills like verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, interpersonal, creative, art & design, etc. They assess differences on each parameter, tracking a person’s innate ability grading it from excellence, high, above average to below average, or weak. Some aspects of intellectual aptitude may be more easily trained than others.

Dr. Pratibha Jain and her team administer and deliver the Career Indicator Program (CIP). We have successfully conducted Ipad friendly tests in schools across India for multiple students at the same time in a cost effective manner. The results have further enabled children and parents to make informed decisions when deciding subject choices for high school.

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Selection of university short list is based on the student’s academic profile, budget and location preference. The best academic match in any country for any course is our aim. We provide support to ensure that the strengths of the applicant are presented in the best possible way.

Organizing regular visits by international universities and alumni get-together at our offices ensure that students gain first-hand information from University Representatives and alumni .This helps to narrow the research and to get authentic answers regarding student life, academic expectations, work, accommodation, travel and actual costs.

Factors for Short –listing of Universities in different countries.

  • Cost of study at the University
  • Availability of financial assistance/scholarships
  • Availability of course and specialization
  • Current employment chances
  • Prospects of future jobs
  • Prospects for further education
  • Accreditation of the university
  • Reputation and content of courses or programs
  • Student to staff ratio
  • Faculty and infrastructure
  • Location / weather/accessibility of universities
  • Ratio of International students


Complete, correct and on-time applications are sent to universities. We work in sync with students and parents from any city to streamline application procedures and meet all deadlines.

A complete application comprises filling the Application Form and submitting all supporting Documents. Each university has different requirements and there could be specific requirements according to the county or course. We ensure that all guidelines are followed. We guide you through your competitive testing requirements, form filling and other processes that contribute to a strong and competitive application.

The Eduabroad tries to give students ‘the edge’ in an extremely competitive admissions process. We offer opportunities to differentiate your application, supporting your entry to competitive schools in any country:

  1. Resume Building – Our Individualized resume-building activities will set you apart from other applicants. Activities will be based on your interests, hobbies, and passion and subject area. We will help you to utilize your summer break to add to your resume in an effective way.
  2. Resume Writing – Universities want to know everything about you in a short, crisp manner. Your resume presentation is an important factor. We help you compose your resume to highlight strengths and activities that portray you as an attractive applicant.
  3. Essay Writing Workshops – Are you scared about the quality of essays you have to submit to universities? Our essay-writing workshops guarantee that your application essays present your qualities in the best way possible.
  4. Brainstorming Sessions – Individualized brainstorming sessions will give you an opportunity to discuss your ideas, get suggestions to choose the best topics and themes for each university.
  5. Editing of Application Essays – We will be with you throughout the process of writing the critical application essays, editing essays and sending you recommendations to improve them. The Eduabroad offers evaluation service of SOPs and essays, as part of a special package. The service is rendered by experienced, handpicked editors, who guide you to present your strengths and achievements in an interesting way.
  6. Recommendations conduct workshops for our partner schools to guide the teachers in order to write reference letters highlighting individual students’ strengths, explaining reasons for a student to be granted an admission. Universities in general consider this in their decision.



Student visas can be a mind boggling task and we prepare you to navigate the course to enter the country of your choice. We guide you with the documentation, conduct mock interview sessions so that you are confident during your actual interview. Our counselors have an understanding of the questions as well as the expectations of the visa officers. This helps us ensure that your journey towards your further education is smooth.


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The Eduabroad provides detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation booking and payment thus ensuring the students safety in an international country. We advise on both on-campus and off-campus accommodation depending on budget and preferences.


Our students have over the years secured more than $1,00,000 in scholarship or funding either directly by universities or outside parties such as :-
The Felix Scholarship, Queen’s Jubilee Scholarship, Ratan Tata scholarship. Sekhsaria Foundation scholarship, Full Tuition Scholarships at Yale, NYU, Boston University, Kansas State, Duke, Part scholarships at Knox, Colby, Farleigh Dickenson, Villanova; NUS and NTU in Singapore; York University, Alberta, British Columbia in Canada; Part scholarships at Knox, Grinell, Colby, Farleigh Dickenson, Villanova, Part scholarships at Deakin and Bond in Australia; part and full scholarships at Warwick, Westminster, Exeter, Bath, Aston in UK; and many more.