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    Where to Study ? India or Abroad?

    A prominent difference exists in the education system of India and other countries abroad.

    If India, Why?

    Studying in your home country - India which is the second-largest education hub offers the benefit of proximity and inexpensive study and travel options. As India is a developing economy, it offers a chance to network with the top CEOs of India and outside. With the prevailing competition and rising innovation, it will help the student perform out-of-the-box and thrive in their academic journey.

    If Abroad, Why?

    The opportunities offered by international top-ranking universities will help the student to approach the challenges productively with the practical out-of-bricks learning experience. With enough scholarships and funding provided by the universities, abroad education becomes an appealing one. The biggest advantage of international education helps the potential students develop a cultural mindset.

    Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad

    A prominent difference exists in the education system of India and other countries abroad.






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    Find it difficult understanding the following tasks?


    • Statement of Purpose is a Letter of Intent that is written to the admission panel which talks about your career path, professional contributions, interests and goals.
    • SOP becomes the integral part of your admission that will decide your admission in a preferred institution. It helps the committee to assess your career life, goals, knowledge, and vision. If you have a weak academic profile, a strong SOP will help you seek admission in your desired university.

    Resume Building

    • Resume is a statement that includes one’s work background, abilities, skills, experience and the qualification to the proposed position.
    • Importance of a Good Resume:
    • It reached the table of the committee before you do
      It helps to convince you that you are the one.
      It’s a selling point of your skills and abilities.
      It gives security of your work.
      It helps to give you a Brand Image.

    Essay Writing

    • Academic achievements and grades highlight students’ academic potential. However, it fails to capture the student’s personality. That is where essays play a prominent role in university applications. It helps the students to narrate their stories to the admissions committee. Supplemental essays hold immense importance in college application as it helps them to showcase their ability to express something significant about themselves. Thus, a strong essay can be a deal-breaker for the student.

    Want to study in India?

    Do you want to stay in your country and pursue your education? Here is the brief list of top colleges in India to pursue your degree from :


    Ashoka University

    OP Jindal University

    Krea University


    Christ University

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    Tests to appear for applying to your dream University


    Scholastic Assessment Test


    The International English Language Testing System


    Test of English as a Foreign Language


    Graduate Record Examinations


    Graduate Management Admission Test


    American College Testing




    Frequently Asked Questions

    For international education, you have the option to go for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Students require sufficient time to plan their education abroad. The choice of the degree to pursue abroad depends on factors such as budget, short and long-term career goals, academic and professional goals, comparison between the Indian and abroad education systems, personal preferences, and much more. It is essential to research and study the college websites to trace the deadlines and make early decisions in order to avail of scholarships and funding. Thus, the earlier you plan, the better it is for you to get into your dream institution.

    MSc. and MBA are both postgraduate courses, however, a prominent difference lies in terms of eligibility, focus, and personality development.

    1. MSc. degree is offered only in a particular discipline as opposed to MBA which is an all-encompassing course
    2. MSc. degree can be opted for by freshers, however, an MBA degree requires certain work experience
    3. Typically MSc. courses are offered for a year and MBA courses for 2 years
    4. MSc. courses will develop analytical and technical skills rather than an MBA which will develop vocational and leadership skills
    Yes. Career counseling for working professionals is the need of the hour as it is a whole new ball game as the professionals who are looking for a switch, willing to explore career alternatives, aspire to pursue higher education, or desire to start something innovative are confused about the next step.

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