College Councelling

Eduabroad has more than two decades of experience in education counselling, under the guidance of Dr. Pratibha Jain. The Tech Taught offers comprehensive counseling services for international education.


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Undergraduate Abroad

The Eduabroad gives you the correct guidance for studies abroad in any discipline, any country. Whether you wish to study engineering, business, economics, liberal arts or design we will give you the right guidance to pave the next few steps of your career. We ensure you make it to an appropriate university in any county offering global opportunities.

Masters Abroad

Post graduation in an international environment develops academic excellence in a specialized field. Enriching real life experiences, research and academic expertise differentiate most international programs. Choices in every country include specialized Master programs in diverse disciplines including Financial Engineering, mechanical engineering, Computer Science, Structural engineering, International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Production Design, Construction Management and a range of other fields. Get in touch with us to understand the options you have with respect to your aptitude and find ways to leverage these experiences to achieve professional success anywhere. We guide you for post graduate studies in any country of your choice –USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Europe, Shanghai………

Give Wings to your Study Abroad Dreams!

MBA Abroad

MBA abroad is still the most sought after program. We offer comprehensive guidance on where to apply, whether or not you require work experience, what discipline to specialize in, scholarships etc. We help you apply to the MBA programs in any country depending on your profile.

PHD Abroad

As a doctoral applicant, you need to apply with a research synopsis, get in touch with a number of universities and department heads to discuss your specific doctoral interest, and take our help in successfully completing the application.