Student Visas

The visa process is the final culmination of the admission procedure for higher education abroad. It is critical to prepare all the documents carefully as a rejection will jeopardize all plans. You may apply for a student visa only when you hold an original, unconditional offer of admission from the university. Each country has its own visa formalities and regulations.
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For USA, the confirmation document is called the I -20, which is issued by the Immigration authority of the USA after the university certifies that it is satisfied with your academic and financial credentials.
UK this is called the CAS or Confirmation of Acceptance to Study

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Documents Required Are - Part 1


Valid Passport [at least 1 year]


One/Two Passport size photographs according to directions given on each visa form

Visa Application form

A completed student Visa Application form available from the Consular section

Bank Draft​

Visa processing fee to be paid in Indian Rupees by Bank Draft​

Form I-20

Form I-20 executed by the authorizing official of institution concerned for USA, or the unconditional offer of admission for all other countries.

Evidence of financial ability

Comprehensive Evidence of financial ability to cover the costs of the education and maintenance involved for the entire period of education


SEVIS fee paid on-line for US student visa applicants only

Documents Required Are - Part 2

You must provide adequate and relevant proof that you are a genuine student going for a program that will improve your career track in India. You should hold a confirmed offer of admission to a reasonably reputed college. You must have a clear idea of program content and how the program is going to benefit you. Your past academic records , scores on standardized tests like SAT or GRE, evidence of English fluency like TOEFL or IELTS support your statement that you are keen on pursuing an academic program that adds value to your career.
A sponsor is any person/s or company or trust fund willing to contribute in any way to the total education expenses. Parents, grandparents, family members or company may be a sponsor. A sponsor’s letter is a signed, written statement on a printed letter-head or on a Rs 50 stamp paper. You may have multiple sponsors, as long as each one gives a signed support statement stating his willingness to provide funds. The amount of support in terms of actual numbers must also be indicated.
  • Originals statement of account or bank pass book, or original fixed deposit receipts to support the first year’s total estimated expenses. This may be from multiple banks in the individual names of each sponsor.
  • Source of liquid funds to meet total expenses for the duration of the remaining months, [ 12 months or 36 months] must be clearly shown. The plan to meet the expenses through funds in India must be supported with factual, original documents. Examples of Acceptable assets are: personal income, business income, rental income, mutual funds, fixed deposits, Provident funds, bank loans with EMI plans, liquid investments at face value, etc
  • Each sponsor must provide original bank statements, or original fixed deposit receipts, income statements etc to support the commitment he/she has made. The total amount of liquid funds, given by all sponsors must be sufficient to completely take care of all academic and living expenses during the entire period of education. The amount required must tally with the figures stated on the offer of admission or the I20 form received from the university.
You must establish your intention to come back to home country after completing the program. There are no clearly defined evidence requirements; you must prove that the family has a reasonable standard of living in India and the family is not dependent on your earnings to pay back bank loans if any; any other evidence to prove social, economic and emotional ties as incentives to come back. To support intention to return, you may show liquid and fixed assets in addition to those shown for the education like: Liquid assets [PPF, Mutual Funds, Insurance], investments [ shares, debentures, interest income, rental income], fixed assets of family [property], family income [IT returns of each member], ancestral property, business establishments.

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Option of showing the charts given below

article written above is complete with all required information.


All asset holders listed in the financial documents submitted to the visa office must give a sponsor’s letter or a signed affidavit of support.

First Chart - Estimate Expense for first year

[as stated on the I-20 or admission offer letter] Original proof must be attached like Statement of Account from the Bank.

Bank Name

Account Number



Amount in Rs.

Amount in $

Second Chart - Financial Summary of Estimate Expense For Successive Years

Undergraduate applicants : Finance sources or financial plan to be shown for the remaining 2/ 3 yrs as per duration of course Post Graduate Applicants: Finance sources or financial plan to be shown for another 1yr, or as per course duration Liquid Assets only to be shown Some examples of acceptable assets

Kind of asset

Name of asset holder

Amount Rs.

Amount $

Mutual Funds




Shares & stocks




Business Income/ Rental Income




Personal Income





$120,000 or more for 3yrs undergraduate

$ 40,000 or more for one year masters

Original proof of each item must be attached

Evidence of wealth to prove intention to return

Self Estimated Valuation or Summary of wealth certified by a chartered accountant

  • Residential / commercial property self valuation accepted
  • Income from property if any
  • Official premises current valuation
  • Business description – Income generated from business
  • IT returns of last 3 years of sponsor+family
  • Any past wealth tax returns of family
  • Insurance + any other evidence to show financial stability of family

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